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  • The care coordinator/guest relation executive will explain the necessary layout details and directions to the patient and their family.
  • Signboards are located in the main entrance, corridors, and doors of various departments to ensure patients and their bystanders find their way from one part of the hospital to another. Fire extinguishers are placed strategically in several locations.
  • Fire Exits and directions to follow in case of emergency, including the emergency exit, are displayed prominently.
  • The floor security personnel will extend all help to patients in case they need directions/assistance.
  • Patient and family members will be communicated their Rights and Responsibilities at Aster Prime by handing over the Patient Handbook during admission.

Outpatient department

  • The treating doctor will communicate the initial diagnosis, further diagnostic requirements and other relevant details to the patient and relative/ bystander.
  • The consultant will explain the proposed treatment/surgery, such as benefits, complications and alternatives, and risk factors, if any.
  • The guest relation executive at the billing will explain, with the help of handouts, rate cards and verbally, all necessary information.

Inpatient care and billing

  • All admitted patients and their families are briefed about their present medical condition, proposed treatment plan and tentative discharge dates on the day of admission itself, by the treating doctor.
  • The nursing officer of the ward will brief the patient and family members on all necessary aspects.
  • Patients and authorised relative/ bystander are provided with appropriate education and training pertaining to diagnostic procedures, proposed treatment, and care plan.
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