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Dr. Ramya Nemani


Consultant Clinical Biochemist

About Dr. Ramya Nemani

Dr. Ramya Nemani is a Consultant Clinical Biochemist at Aster Prime Hospital. She had completed her MBBS from Maharajas Institute of Medical sciences, Vizianagaram in 2015. She thereafter completed her MD in Biochemistry from Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam in 2020.

Dr. Ramya Nemani pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine from Christian Medical College, Vellore

Work Experience

Worked as a Senior Resident in Department of Biochemistry in Andhra Medical College (2020).

Areas of Expertise:

Routine Laboratory tests- Liver Function Test, Renal Function Test, Iron Profile, Serum Electrolytes, Special Test- Thyroid Function Test, Hormones- PSA, Vit.B12, Vit.D, Ferritin, Torp-T, Pro BNP, Biochemical Analysis for fluids and 24hrs urine proteins.

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