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Aster Prime Hospital - Best Hospital for General & Internal Medicine in Hyderabad

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FAQ on General Medicine

1. What are the conditions treated by general physicians?

  • All types of fever

  • Dm, HTN

  • Thyroid disorder

  • Anemias

  • Asthma,COPD,Pneumonia

  • Jaundice

  • Acidity

2. Can allergies be cured?

Desensitizing a patient to an allergen is possible but may not be completely curable.

3. When to consult a doctor for stomach pains?

The abdomen is a magic box. Pain here may be due to organs here or maybe a referred pain. So unless examined and evaluated, the diagnosis maybe difficult. Any pain that does not subside quickly, severe in intensity, associated with other symptoms like fever, vomiting, etc. Also, if the stomach is tender to touch and the pain is radiating to the back can be a medical emergency.


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