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FAQ on Dermatology

1. When should one consult a dermatologist?

If a person notices any change in colour or texture of the skin or anything which cause pain, itching or discomfort in any way he or she should consult a dermatologist.

2. How do you test for an allergy?

Allergy is tested by taking a blood sample from the patient for absolute eosinophil count and immunoglobin E or total allergy panel and intradermal pinprick test.

3. What is the most common skin condition?

Acne or otherwise known as pimples is the most common skin condition.

4. What treatments are available for hair loss?

Hair growth serum for local application and biotin tablets.

5. How does the sun damage the skin and what how can I reduce the damage caused by the sun?

The ultraviolet rays in the sun trigger a reaction in epidermis and dermis of the skin and increase melanin production.

6. How do I know if a spot needs to be checked?

If a spot appears on the skin and grows in size or changes colour it has to be checked.

7. How can I treat sunburn?

Sunburn can be treated by avoiding exposure to the sun and applying sunscreens before exposure to the sun.

8. What are the common services provided by a dermatologist?

Consultation, the treatment which can be medical or surgical, electrocautery, cryocautery and lasers.

9. What is Body Contouring?

Excess fat is removed and fat grafts are placed in places where needed.

10. Is Laser the only answer to unwanted hair growth?

The laser is the only final treatment for unwanted growth.


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