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Medical Departments - Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad
At Aster Prime, we have your back!

These are some difficult times that make room for difficult situations. And as much as we are holding faith, our loved ones who need care are also victims of this affliction.

Not to worry! You do not need to agonize. We are delighted to announce our set up in Hyderabad! Aster@Home is making sure to play its part during this time of distress. We understand that every patient has their needs even after being discharged from the hospital. There is no extent as to what a person could go through, especially after being taken away from being under professional care. That’s why we, at Aster Prime are taking every step to make sure that we are here to help any patient in need.

We are offering nursing services, now in Hyderabad and in the comfort of your home. Aster@Home is offering specialised and professional home care services for patients that need help recovering from home. We provide long-term and life-long medical assistance for patients suffering from chronic diseases including cancer, neurological disorders, cardiovascular diseases or kidney problems.

Our team comprises trained nurses and attendees for both male and female patients. All you need to do is to call us on +91 9177700100 and we’ll help you take care of your loved ones in the comfort of your home

Aster@Home Services
  • 6-12 hour shifts for both male and female patients (nurses & attenders).
  • Continued post-operative care.
  • Basic medical care.
  • Diagnostics/ lab tests assistance: sample collection and home delivery of reports.
  • Home physiotherapy services for post-operative rehabilitation.
  • Help with day-to-day activities like bathing, grooming and dressing.
  • Administration of medicines including antibiotics.
  • Ancillary services including counseling sessions and logistics services.
  • Delivery of medicines and health care supplies.
  • Accompanying patients who require help to move around or need assistance during doctor visits.

*Please note that Aster@Home is not an emergency service and for any medical emergency, avail our 24/7 Ambulance services by dialing 040 6824 2424 or 040 4191 1911.

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