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    The Department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care at Aster Prime Hospitals offers comprehensive, expert Anaesthesia care for full-spectrum of medical and surgical conditions, which includes pre- and post-operative care, critical care and palliative (pain relief) services.



    The Department of Cardiology at Aster Prime hospitals provides full-spectrum of heart care - from prevention to early detection to complex interventions


    Surgeons at the Department of Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery (CTVS) of Aster Prime Hospitals perform simple to complex cardiac procedures




    Dental Clinic of ASTER PRIME Hospital is Aiming particularly in applying advance dental techniques using advanced equipments to create a healthy happy confident smile. Services Available: General Dentistry(Caries, Cysts, Abscesses, Bleeding gums, etc.) Oral Diagnosis and Radiology Restorative Dentistry Endodontia (Root Canal) Cosmetic or Aesthetic dentistry (Light Cure Fillings, Veneers ,whitening of teeth) Orthodontia ( Crooked Teeth) Pedodontia (Children Dentistry) Prosthodontia (Dentures, Crowns and Bridges) Periodontia (Gum Diseases)


    The Department of Dermatology at Aster Prime Hospitals is committed to provide the highest quality of expert medical, surgical as well as cosmetic care to patients with all conditions including skin, mucous membranes, hair and nails



    A nutritionally balanced diet in terms of calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, electrolytes and vitamins helps to promote a healthy life. It enhances the immunity of the person by providing daily requirement of nutrients to the body and also essential in diseased conditions to fulfil your body needs required in recovery process. Therefore healthy eating habits go a long way in ensuring a healthy life.


    The Department of Emergency and Trauma at Aster Prime Hospitals offers comprehensive, integrated services covering a full spectrum of emergency conditions and care that includes transportation, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation

  • Endocrinology

  • ENT

    The Specialists at Department of ENT at Aster Prime hospitals are highly experienced with expertise in the treatment of simple to complex conditions related to ear, nose and throat in adults and children.


    The Department of Gastroenterology at Aster Prime Hospitals provide comprehensive care in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to pancreas, liver, gallbladder, esophagus, stomach, small intestine and colon


    The Department of General & Laparoscopic Surgery at Aster Prime Hospitals, equipped with the latest technology and facilities, supported by an experienced team of surgeons, has now become a Secondary and Tertiary referral centre in the region


    The Department of General Medicine at Aster Prime Hospitals offers comprehensive in-patient and out-patient care—from routine services like preventive care, annual physical check-ups




    The Department of Nephrology at Aster Prime Hospitals provides expert care for patients with different types of renal (kidney) diseases


    The Department of Neurology at Aster Prime Hospitals offers comprehensive consultation, evaluation and treatment services for adults and children suffering from neurological disorders


    The Department of Neurosurgery at Aster Prime Hospitals Apart specializes in performing a range of neurosurgical procedures apart from routine brain and spine surgeries


    The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Aster Prime Hospitals offers complete Gynaecological services, ranging from routine examination and family planning to highly complex procedures



    The Department of Orthopaedics at Aster Prime Hospitals provides comprehensive care for all orthopaedic conditions through its state-of-the-art facility


    Department of Paediatric Surgery is well-equipped to handle all kind of elective and emergency paediatric and neonatal surgeries. We have best and state of the art infrastructure operation theatre and paediatric intensive care services. Subspecialties of paediatric surgery itself include: neonatal surgery and foetal surgery.


    The Department of Paediatrics at Aster Prime Hospitals offers expert care from Specialists and well-trained nurses skilled in managing any kind of sick neonate


    Pathology - Facilities & Services Investigations in Haematology, Biochemistry, Histopathology and Microbiology. Works 24 hrs a day x 7 days a week


    Physiotherapy is a health care profession with an emphasis on the use of physical approaches for the promotion of health and the prevention, treatment and management of disease and disability. It is the fourth largest healthcare profession in the world and addresses problems with movement, dysfunction and pain. These can arise from musculoskeletal, neurological, respiratory, and chronic disability conditions, or from mental illness and intellectual impairment. Our team of trained professionals in the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department emphasizes on the patient's day-to-day functioning and enhancing their quality of life. Our goal is to design a unique programme for recovery, health and wellness that fits each patient's needs. Patient education being such an important part of delivering medical and service excellence, our therapists incorporate patient education in the daily rehabilitation of patients. As with education, the department is committed to excellence in research as we believe that clinical care must be proven effective through scientific study. The goal of the rehabilitation team is to help patients achieve optimal recovery of function and movement, and enhance the overall quality of life through: 1. Promotion of fitness and healthcare 2. Prevention of disabilities 3. Identifying causes for dysfunction (like pain, muscle tightness 4. Treatment and rehabilitation of dysfunctions 5. Maximizing independence in activities of daily living. Our department provides following facilities: Orthopedic rehabilitation Pain care clinic Traumatic rehabilitation unit Brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation Intensive care physiotherapy unit Elderly Care Fitness programe and lifestyle management Sports Injuries rehabilitation Women's Health Home Modification & Assistive Devices The ultramodern equipments in the service of the patients are: Electrical modalities: Shortwave diathermy (S.W.D.) Infra-red rays Faradic - galvanic stimulation Paraffin Wax-bath Laser therapy Interferential therapy T.E.N.S. Ultra sound therapy C.P.M. (Conations passive movement for knee) Moist Heart therapy Lumbar traction unit Cervical traction unit Exercise therapy equipments: Rope and Pulley Shoulder wheel Wrist roller Pronator supinator Suspension Exercise unit Static Cycle Pedo cycle Hip exerciser Parallel bars for gait training Quadriceps table Balancing board OUR FOCUS: 1. To the establishment of the highest quality service, which is sensitive to the needs of the individual, the hospital and the community and which, demands of staff a level of expertise and skill commensurate with the highest standards of the profession. 2. To the cultivation of an environment, which fosters and stimulates a spirit of enquiry and analysis, creating a service, which is dynamic, effective and appropriate. 3. To enable patients to achieve the highest quality of life, which their condition allows, by educating and encouraging patient participation in care management and by ensuring that the formulation of care plans encompasses both the social and environmental factors. 4 . To the promotion and support of continuing professional development, education and research at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


    The Department of Plastic Surgery at Aster Prime Hospitals has a team of skilled surgeons for Cosmetic & Reconstructive Plastic surgery who are well-versed with all the latest techniques




    The Department of Pulmonology at Aster Prime Hospitals offers integrated multi-disciplinary care providing a continuum of care from initial diagnosis to complete recovery to patients suffering from various pulmonary disorders




    The Department of Rheumatology at Aster Prime Hospitals has renowned Specialists, trained in internal medicine and rheumatology, who provide innovative diagnosis and treatment for rheumatic diseases that affect the joints and connective tissue in adults and children


    TYPES OF CONDITIONS OR DISESASES TREATED : Head neck Cancer Breast Cancer Lung Cancer Gastro Intestinal Cancer Genito Urinary Cancer Soft Tissue Cancer


    The Department of Andrology & Urology at Aster Prime Hospitals provides expert, comprehensive medical and surgical care for all Urological conditions related to ureter, urinary bladder, prostate, urethra, adrenal glands, penis & testes, kidney including fertility & erectile dysfunction.

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